👋🏾 Hey, I'm


I'm a software engineer from Cape Town 🇿🇦 and I spend a lot of time thinking about the web, online privacy, Linux and art of all kinds.

I've spent recent years working as a full-stack (often solo) developer for corporate, e-commerce and portfolio websites, a large debt-collection app and various side projects of my own. I also make music.

Recent Projects

📀 Selecta (Next.js, TypeScript, Spotify)

🛶 RED Cape Town (Next.js, TypeScript)

🗞️ RAG Feed Reader (Next.js, Typescript, Go)

🥁 Parabyl - Lizard People EP (Next.js, TailwindCSS)

🤖 Machine Learning Experiments (Embeddings, GANs)

🐁 Go Experiments (MIDI, Scrapers, Utils, OpenGL)


Tailwind is Bad (If you don't know how to use it)

~ 12 minutes

Finding Jobs on Twitter using the OpenAI Embeddings API

~ 5 minutes

Reading Articles Later, without Paywalls

~ 2 minutes

Ethereum Eco-System for Web Developers: Smart Contracts, Tokens & Tools

~ 18 minutes