Ciaran Slemon

SEO, Designer, Developer

Portrait of Ciaran Slemon, Graphic Designer

About Me

I’m Ciaran, a tech-loving front-end developer, SEO strategist and digital designer. I’ve studied print design, worked as an SEO at a Digital Marketing Agency, with some of the best SEOs in South Africa, and taught myself countless skills and tools too.

I’ve got a wide and varied skill set which covers many facets of the modern web. My specialization falls in front-end web design and technical SEO, however I’m a keen (read: obsessive) self-learner and I’m constantly looking for new ways to develop my abilities and learn new things.

Development & Graphic Design Projects

Here you can see some websites I’ve built, brands I’ve worked with, and some items from my everyday design ventures. I’m a big fan of simple, effective websites with a striking visual look. If you like what you see here, you might want to take a look at my Dribbble portfolio where I share some smaller bits and pieces from the projects I’m working on.

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Tweaked Online Art Store featured image.

Tweaked Online Art Store

Wordpress, Woocommerce, TailwindCSS

Tweaked is a boutique South African craft store selling handmade art, clothes, and prints.

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CapeClub Label Website featured image.

CapeClub Label Website

Gridsome, TailwindCSS

CapeClub is an inclusive multi-media collective of artists shining a light on South African music.

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Unredd | Reddit without Distractions featured image.

Unredd | Reddit without Distractions

Vue 3, Vuex & TailwindCSS

A minimalist, distraction-free wrapper for using Reddit without all the visual distractions.

Tasq | Content Writing Management App featured image.

Tasq | Content Writing Management App

Laravel, TailwindCSS, Slack & Asana

Tasq is a web app I created to manage a team of content writers, and the content queue.

MissingLink | Broken Link SEO Checker

Bash, PyLinkvalidator

MissingLink is a shell script I wrote to monitor websites for broken links. It generates both a clean report list, and a full crawl list of sources so you can find the anchor relative to the broken link.

My Skills & Experience

Front End Web Design & Development

Developing for web is one of the most fascinating experiences to have each day. It combines all that I love about design with nifty, innovative technology.

I build websites and web apps from scratch - using frameworks like WordPress, Laravel or VueJS. I try only to build websites and applications which are functional, beautiful, natural to use and understand.

Teechnical SEO - Strategy, Audits & Reporting

Technical SEO is vital on the modern web, especially in South Africa where small businesses pop up every single day. There's also a lot more to it than just ranking for keywords.

I've got the know-how to optimize your website or online store to provide a great user experience, and keep the search algorithms happy.

Graphic Design & Branding

Graphic design was my entry point into digital arts. What began with me creating assets for my YouTube channel years ago turned into a love for layout, typography, UX, and aesthetic.

My design philosophy is diverse and well-informed. It combines brand identity design with web design, visual content creation and style guides in a modern and unique manner.

Content Writing & Editing

Even the most interesting webpage won't rank without longform, keyword-rich, well written and well researched content.

I'm an experienced content writer with a a good few hundred thousand words under my belt (both as a strategist and a writer), with editing skills to match.

I can create content strategies and writing briefs which rank well, read well, and carry practical value to encourage sharing and engagement.

E-commerce & Affiliate Marketing

Much of my experience in SEO and WordPress Development is in E-commerce. It's challenging if you're not familiar with the online shopping space. You need strategy if you want to convert, and someone with experience in the field to help you develop it.

In addition, affiliate marketing can be a great way to monetize existing platforms. I can help you turn cornerstone content into passive income, and create strategies to monetize your website.

Wordpress Development

Wordpress is used in almost 40% of the top websites around the world. Its the perfect place to set up an online store, business site or blog - it ranks well, is easy to customize and functionality is immediate.

Many of the WordPress sites Ive built have become SERP-rulers and great converters. They also prove easy for clients to use - especially the non-tech-savvy. They look great and work well, and are very low maintenance in the long term.

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